We see you showing up to the gym every day and putting in the work.

But we all know nutrition is key to seeing results, so... SMART Fitness Studio is now powered by Macrostax!

Macrostax is the leading macro-counting app that simplifies what to eat so you can:

  • Lose fat and build lean muscle
  • ...

When it comes to the list of health and fitness benefits of Spinning®, the list goes on and on. From the improvements that show up in the mirror, like slimming down your waistline, to the invigorating experience a Spinning® ride offers each time you hop into a saddle, there are few things the Spinning experience fails to provide.

When in need of a challenging workout, innovative equipment, or a flat-out fun experience, look to...


  • 1. You don't know how to start an exercise program

  • 2. You are not seeing results when you workout on your own
  • 3. You are bored with the same old workouts
  • 4. You need to be challenged

  • 5. You need accountability and motivation
  • 6. You have a specific illness or injury and want to work with an experienced trainer to avoid any further problems
  • 7. You...
  • more

    A personal training & exercise studio is a more intimate setting for working out with a personal trainer or small group of individuals in group fitness classes. While everyone knows what a gym is, that doesn't mean that working out at the gym is right for everyone. Many people grow tired of the same gym setting year after year. This is the biggest reason why so many people are turning to personal training and exercise...


    The transition from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one is a physiological marvel. Whether you are new to exercise or are a longtime athlete, understanding what happens to your body during those first few minutes of exercise will help you stay safe, comfortable and motivated. You'll also be able to get the most out your warm up and entire workout.

    Why Do I Feel So Out of Breath?

    If the first 5 minutes of your...

    abs image.png

    We may not always be able to control how our abs look, but we can control how strong they are.

    Six-pack abs look good, but strong abs can make you feel good. A supported spine makes daily activities easier and protects you from back pain and injury. Moving beyond crunches, beyond the six-pack, can show you what your abs can really do.


    beginner weighttraining %282%29.jpg

    As you grow older, an active life is more important than ever. Even as the world tells you it's time to retire, relax, and take it easy, your body is craving for you to keep moving. And though you may be ready to retire from your 9-5, don’t hang up your walking shoes quite yet. The truth is that if you really want to enjoy these golden years and get more quality time from them, your best strategy is to...


    Activity/fitness trackers are ideal for any minor or major fitness goal. This includes training for running events (like3Ks), losing weight and/or just keeping fit in general. These devices acts like a personal trainer that you carry around.



    As difficult as it may seem, there are some simple and effective ways to stay fit after age 50, 60, or 70! These five simple tips can help you get (and stay) fit.

    Lift Weights

    Weight lifting may be the single best way for older women to maintain overall fitness and stop the slow creeping fat gain. Building strength with weight training is possible at any age, and some studies show women in their 70's...


    There is an endless array of strength training programs and theories out there, much of it geared toward bodybuilders and advanced exercisers. If you’re just getting started, it’s quite easy to become totally confused by all of the anatomical terms and gym jargon. We’d like to fill in the gap by giving you the foundation of any safe and effective strength training routine. You’ll learn the names of the major muscle groups and the exercises...


    While exercise injuries are common when first starting out, there are seven simple things you can do to help avoid them:

    1. Have a Routine Physical

    It is always a good idea to see your doctor for a fitness test before starting an exercise program. Any new activity can place stress on your body, particularly your joints and cardiovascular system.



    Have you ever started a fitness program and then quit? If you answered yes, you're not alone. Many people start fitness programs, but they may stop when they get bored, they don't enjoy it or results come too slowly. Here are seven tips to help you stay motivated.

    1. Set goals

    Start with simple goals and then progress to longer range goals. Remember to make your goals realistic and achievable. It's easy to get...


    A bowl of oats is a blank canvas, ready to be paired with a truckload of other high-quality, nutritious ingredients.

    *If you don't like oatmeal see below for Healthy Alternatives to Oatmeal

    In a world of green juice and chia seed pudding, this age-old dish is the original, and perhaps...


    You should if you are trying to lose weight. You can calculate your energy balance and figure out how much to eat each day when you know your number. You need to reach a negative energy balance to lose weight.

    To reach a negative energy balance, you need to make sure that you put less energy in your body than your body uses....


    A diet can help you lose weight, but you can use body composition exercises* to keep the muscle along the way. It's not as complicated as it sounds. You just have to combine body composition activities and cardio exercise with a diet full of lean protein to encourage weight loss and shape a stronger body.

    Smart dieters use lean protein for weight loss....


    1. Keep Moving to Maintain or Improve Joint Health

    Many people with arthritis resist regular physical activity or exercise because they fear it will increase pain or further damage their joints. The body is supposed to move; our joints allow for movement! In fact, movement eases joint stiffness, reduces joint pain, strengthens the muscles which surround the joints, and help us maintain a healthy weight. The benefits are...


    Engaging in daily physical activity or mindfulness meditation may be almost as effective as a flu vaccine.

    In addition to getting a flu shot, you may want to exercise or meditate consistently to help protect yourself against winter colds and the flu.



    Zumba, a popular dance and aerobic-based exercise fitness program, will help you improve not only your physical health but also your emotional health — especially if you’re a couch potato.

    Zumba Fitness was developed during the 1990s as a Latin-inspired cardio-dance workout that uses music and choreographed steps to form a fitness party atmosphere. While many of the types of dance and music featured in...


    2020 brings a new year and a new decade of wellness. A lot of fitness trends have come and gone throughout the 2010s. The good news is that a fresh decade is upon us, and it’s already looking like it could be your healthiest and happiest year yet!

    There’s also a change in focus happening: Instead of just working out to get a six-pack, the mental benefits of exercise are equally important, if not more so, than the physical....


    Throughout evolutionary history, fear has helped humans stay safe and thrive. But in the modern world, many fear responses — such as phobias — are, at best, unhelpful and, at worst, debilitating. Yet, accumulating evidence shows that mindfulness practice could help us unlearn these responses.

    The practice of mindfulness — the purpose of which is to help an individual focus on stimuli occurring in the present moment — is gaining...


    Yes, citrus fruit, which includes orange, lemon, grapefruit and lime, is known to be a great source of vitamin C, but that’s not all.

    Citrus Power

    These juicy, colorful fruits are full of good-for-you nutrients and are one of the best ways to boost the flavor and nutrition in your juices.

    I’m always talking about how lemons and limes in particular can help elevate...


    As we all ring in the New Year, many of us will be making resolutions for healthier living. Whether it involves losing weight, exercising more or finally getting around to scheduling those doctors' appointments, health and wellness issues will continue to be a priority in 2020. To help you start out the new year right, here are three of the biggest health trends expected in 2020:



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    The end of your period is something some women want to celebrate, but the process of that can drag out for 10 years or so (known as perimenopause) before finally reaching menopause, a time many of us associate with weight gain. Even active, healthy women may gain weight in the years leading up to menopause, but it isn't inevitable. Learn what you can do to manage your weight during menopause.



    Tips for making major progress through small shifts

    Over 75 percent of adults 55 and older are either overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But losing weight at this age, after decades of engraved habits, can be daunting.



    Sensitive knees can be a challenge for walking, but it is a recommended way to maintain your function and reduce your symptoms. If you have knee pain due to osteoarthritis or other causes, you don't have to let that keep you from starting a walking program.

    A regular program of walking can reduce stiffness and inflammation and it won't make most chronic knee conditions worse. Walking is the preferred exercise by people...


    Following a plant-based diet is becoming increasingly popular. While this is widely regarded as a healthful choice, many myths abound.

    Until fairly recently, vegetarianism was generally considered a fringe lifestyle choice in the United States, and veganism even more so. Anything on the fringes of society tends to inadvertently encourage myths and misconceptions.

    Also, deciding to avoid animal products sparks rage...


    A new virus being called the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) has been identified as the cause of a respiratory illness outbreak first identified in China. The virus is a type of coronavirus — a family of viruses that includes respiratory illnesses such as the common cold, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).

    Because this virus is so new, not much is known about it yet. Public health...