A personal training & exercise studio is a more intimate setting for working out with a personal trainer or small group of individuals in group fitness classes. While everyone knows what a gym is, that doesn't mean that working out at the gym is right for everyone. Many people grow tired of the same gym setting year after year. This is the biggest reason why so many people are turning to personal training and exercise studios to get more personalized fitness training. Plus, it can be hard to have personal training sessions at a typical gym because they have a tendency to be full of noise and various distractions.

Many believe that the only way that a personal trainer and their client can really effectively communicate is in a setting that is quiet enough for them to take advantage of all their time together and work on a level that is best for the trainer and the client. A small, private studio offers that extra level of personalization and considered by many to be the most effective setting for results with a personal trainer.

Here are a few Personal Training Studio attributes that private training clients appreciate:


Every trainer is different, but every client is different, as well. Some clients need to be motivated and worked with in a very quiet setting. Unfortunately, gyms are rarely quiet, and there is too much sound going on for the client and trainer to properly communicate even if there are not very many people around. However, a personal trainer's studio is a place where a one-on-one session can happen very easily and the trainer or client can be as loud or as quiet as they need to be.

When communication is improved between the client and the trainer, the entire session is much better because those two people feel like they are getting the most out of the session.


Having all of the needed equipment available at a moment's notice makes it very easy for the trainer and the client to do any workout that needs to be done the second that it must be done. With the entire space at their disposal during a session, it is much easier for both parties to get the most out of a session. Plus, this allows for the trainer to do workouts alongside their clients to help teach form or help to challenge the client.


Before and after a session, it is nice for the client and trainer to have a place to talk. Since gyms tend to be loud, it can be hard to have a conversation about what the session should be or how it just went. However, a personal trainer's private studio can help to facilitate a conversation that will help both parties to understand where they are at and how they can best move forward with their training.

The privacy and intimacy of a personal training studio can help to improve workouts for any person who wants to learn more about their body and get proper fitness training from their trainer.

Trainers are able to see their clients on their schedule, the equipment is always available and the intimate setting is quiet enough so that the two people can communicate before, during and after the session. Working out in a personal training studio may be a new thing for many people, but it is often the best way for people to work out, get in shape and learn how to best take care of their bodies.

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