Activity/fitness trackers are ideal for any minor or major fitness goal. This includes training for running events (like3Ks), losing weight and/or just keeping fit in general. These devices acts like a personal trainer that you carry around.

The best way to ensure that your fitness goals are fulfilled is through tracking your daily activities and consistently measuring your performance. It is an especially great device for newbies in the health and fitness sector and people who do not exercise regularly to help them keep track of their progress and help set achievable goals.

These devices track some of your vital signs all day and every day; recording your heart rate, sleep cycles and physical activity levels. Using this data, the watch can be quite useful. For instance, you might judge the effectiveness of your workout or get a better nights' sleep just from the mindfulness of tracking this information.

The watches are most often used to enhance fitness regiments and to achieve certain goals. Many watches, for example, calculate an estimated calorie burn based on the heart rate it records during a workout. The watch keeps tabs on how many steps its wearer walks per day, the person’s resting heart rate, and even their running distances and speeds.

So, consider getting one! Do your homework on the different brands and models, read reviews, and make a decision which is best for you. Do you want it to track your steps? Heart rate? Sleep? Calories burned? Track specific activities like cycling, running, jogging, dance fitness, strength training, etc? Keep it basic. You don't have to break your wallet to get one. Some are very expensive and have features you may not need or want.

However, if you do get one, make it more than just a gadget you're wearing on your wrist! Make it a fitness buddy or a strict mentor.