2020 brings a new year and a new decade of wellness. A lot of fitness trends have come and gone throughout the 2010s. The good news is that a fresh decade is upon us, and it’s already looking like it could be your healthiest and happiest year yet!

There’s also a change in focus happening: Instead of just working out to get a six-pack, the mental benefits of exercise are equally important, if not more so, than the physical. Here are two fitness trends to watch for in 2020 that I have can definitely get behind to get the maximum benefit.

Wish you all a fit 2020. Here you go...

Working out for wellness, not abs

In 2020 people will start working out more for wellness and less so for chiseled abs. Instead of just being seen as a way to lose weight, fitness will become more about what it does for your mind and body.

With more focus on the overall wellness of the individual, a more holistic fitness trend is mindful workouts. With the deepening understanding of mental and spiritual health, working out while giving substantial thought to what we are doing with it, is becoming more mainstream.

Instead of just numbers on a scale, people will start to look to other stats and figures that matter - like fasting blood sugar, blood pressure, tracking fruits and veggies, steps, cholesterol, and sleep - for long-term success instead of a short-term goal.

Functional Training

2020 will be more about a functional and holistic long-term approach to weight loss rather than the ‘rapid diets’ or ‘Cross Fit’. In 2020, the trend will continue away from a focus on rapid weight-loss/diet-only approaches and toward true sustainability accompanied by healthy nutrition and regular exercise. Functional training, as the name suggests, works on movements that work the muscles we use most for everyday tasks. Functional training includes many different movements such as pulling, lifting and squatting. With them, the focus is on strengthening the body.

The aim is to control the body in the best possible way and to develop a positive body feeling. This trend is a particularly important type of training for older adults and will ensure a more long-term, injury-free, health, and fitness plan.

Good luck...