Tymika Henderson

MixxedFit Instructor

Born and raised in Philadelphia. PA. Tymika has always enjoyed a good workout. She loves to dance! Besides grooving through the house while cleaning, she never thought much about it being a good way to exercise. She then discovered the joy of Zumba! It started with her attending a class a few times a week. She enjoyed it so much it inspired her to become an instructor. She thought it was a great way to bring this joy to others. She received her Zumba certification in March, 2014. She started teaching shortly after. She participated in several Zumbathon's and fund raising events through the years. Then she stumbled upon Mixxed Fit while attending classes at Smart Fitness. The HIT inspired workout really helped her build a greater strength and endurance. It also posed a great challenge for her to become an instructor. She received her certification in June, 2019 and started teaching at Smart Fitness in August, 2019. Since becoming an instructor, she has had the opportunity of co-hosting two Mixxed Fit events. I say, “Imperfection is beautiful!" Through Mixxed Fit. I encourages our students to find their way through the workout. Movement and fun are our only goals! When you feel good, you can go out and do good. Through Mixxed Fit, I have the opportunity to help people and communities, one class at a time.