Lynda Shepherd

Yoga Instructor

Lynda Shepherd has been practicing yoga for about 8 years. However, she was introduced to yoga about 20 years ago by a friend in the fitness industry. When that friend changed gyms, Lynda went on to other activities - dance, karate, running, biking, and rowing. She was reintroduced to yoga by another friend who described how good he felt after a class at their local gym. Lynda was convinced and resumed her practice. However, it was not until she attended classes in her community, did she come to love and appreciate what yoga could do for her overall well-being. The smaller classes and the individualized attention fed Lynda’s soul. As a yoga teacher, Lynda strives to offer that personalized attention to her students. While Lynda enjoys the quick flow of a vinyasa class, she has also come to appreciate and enjoy the slower movement in a Restorative class. She offers both of these classes to her community. She is a registered 200 YT. Lynda Shepherd, a Boston native, is married and lives in Philadelphia, PA with her 3 children, grandson, and dog. She loves sports and enjoys traveling both near and far.