Denine Kirby

Denine Kirby is an ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), who is truly distinctive! She is professional, knowledgeable and caring to all under her direction. She is also certified as a group fitness instructor, small group trainer, Spinning® instructor, Yoga instructor, NASE speed specialist, Women’s Hormonal Holistic Health Consultant, and serves as a health and wellness resource. She is also a full-time Exercise Coach at Temple University School of Medicine. She currently teaches and leads a variety of fitness classes and workshops within the Philadelphia area.

Denine is described as an affable, caring, engaging, and passionate professional. She delivers entertaining yet safe and effective routines that prove to challenge your muscles and improve your cardiovascular system. You will breathe, sweat, sing and have fun while training the total body, mind, and soul. Her skills, tremendous energy and perseverance are valued assets that are infectious motivating you to achieve all your health and fitness goals.

“When you move your mind and body, mental and physical strength will develop, confidence will grow and transformation will manifest throughout all areas of your life! You have the Divine right to be well, healthy and whole.” –Denine Kirby