Online Personal Training --via Zoom!

Select 4, 6, 8 sessions. Email me and I will let you know how to pay :-)


Personal Training via Zoom!

Missing your Personal Training sessions at the Studio?

Or maybe you want to start sessions?

No problem.

All done safely from you home!

Zoom is a remote conference software. It will allow me to easily host live online sessions. Zoom will let me re-create some semblance of training sessions with you.

  • Do you have any fitness equipment at home? What?
  • You can use cans or water bottles as weights.
  • You can do body weight exercises: pushups, lunges, squats.
  • Warm-up on your own before our session/s.
  • 45 minutes of a full body workout! (...every other day)

Tell me what you have (or don't have) and let me put together a workout for you.

Current customers: Use your Personal Training Sessions

New customers: Sign-up for 4, 6, 8 sessions.

Give it a go! You've got to keep moving. I don't have to tell you the benefits of working out. You know! 😀

4 sessions Workout once a week. $120 or $30 a session.

6 sessions Workout two times a week (with a week off) $165 or $27.50 a session.

8 sessions BEST VALUE! Workout two times a week for 4 weeks! $196 or $24.50 a session.

Thank you!