Macrostax Nutrition App--What is it?

We see you showing up to the gym every day and putting in the work.

But we all know nutrition is key to seeing results, so... SMART Fitness Studio is now powered by Macrostax!

Macrostax is the leading macro-counting app that simplifies what to eat so you can:

  • Lose fat and build lean muscle
  • Optimize your workouts
  • Eat more while enjoying your favorite foods

Like us, they are all about balanced and sustainable nutrition that helps people not only transform their bodies but also their lives.

Check out this video to learn more! What is Macrostax?

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Did you know 90% of people are more successful with following a nutrition program if they do it with a friend? What better time than now to join with your gym!

If you are ready to start your transformation today, let us know and we will send you an invite to get started!

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