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  • Debra Williams is a success story who was at one time 50 pounds overweight with high cholesterol and borderline high blood pressure. After discovering the benefits of hiring a personal trainer to customize exercises for her and recommend a steady fitness and healthy eating schedule, not only did she lose weight, her physical strength and overall well-being improved. In addition to keeping her unhealthy weight off, she was so inspired by her personal training and exercise experiences; she became a Personal Trainer, a Spinning instructor, and a Group exercise instructor! Now she helps others get healthier and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    She is an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) certified personal trainer with more than 15 years of personal and professional experience in the health and physical fitness industry. She is familiar with the different forms of exercise used to improve, maintain, and/or optimize health-related components of physical fitness and performance.

    Debra is also a certified Spinning instructor and a former Aerobics and Fitness Assoc. of America (AFAA) group fitness instructor. She is a licensed Zumba instructor, obtained a "small group" certificate to lead Kettlebell classes, and has taken workshops in nutrition and the foundations of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

  • Our Mission is to provide a specialized and holistic approach to health and wellness and to encourage adult women and men to live a healthier lifestyle. Our four guiding principles are: exercise, nutrition, recreation, and community.

  • SMART Fitness Personal Training and Exercise Studio is a reflection of Debra's knowledge and desire to help others get fit and healthy and/or stay fit and healthy.

  • Debra and the other instructors look forward to meeting you to help you reach your goals.

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Amanda Israel has been a licensed Zumba Fitness instructor since February 2012. She has taught throughout Philadelphia and South Jersey, teaching women of all ages and levels. Her licensing includes regular Zumba Basic Levels 1 and 2, Zumba Toning, Zumba Gold, and Zumba Pro Skills. She has attended the International Zumba Conference in Orlando 4 times and is a proud member of the Zumba Instructor Network. Her classes are geared toward women...


Beth Ann is a certified yoga instructor. She began practicing yoga in 2005 while on her path to a healthier lifestyle. At first, she was looking for the physical benefits that gentle stretching would provide. She started out attending classes once or twice a week, as time permitted.

It did not take long for yoga to become a higher priority for her physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental health. Gaining strength and flexibility over...


“You speak to our spirits; you challenge our souls to want better and then you push our bodies to do more…impacting our path and changing our thinking…”

Denine Kirby is a certified group fitness instructor who is truly distinctive! She is professional, knowledgeable and caring to all under her direction. She currently teaches and leads a variety of fitness classes and workshops within the Philadelphia area.

Denine is described as...

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Eziaku Nwokocha is an American Aerobics Association International (AAAI) certified personal trainer and an avid group fitness and Spinning enthusiast.

Eziaku is also a William Fontaine Fellow of Africana Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. She graduated with honors from University of California, Santa Barbara with a B.A. in Black Studies and Feminist Studies, where she was a Ronald E. McNair Scholar. She also holds a Masters of...


Jenelle Madeline is a Philadelphia based hula hoop performer and fitness instructor. Her work ranges from developing event programming for parties, festivals, and workshops to live entertainment as a fire performer and contortionist. She discovered a love for hooping while studying at Loyola University in New Orleans, LA..



Oreet Swartz says, “I’m not a fitness and dance instructor that sells “weight loss” as the outcome of taking SharQui. I sell beauty.

More specific, your beauty!

How…? I help women and men reach their fitness goals with the Beauty, and Spirit of bellydance along with the Power and Strength of group fitness. And then what happens is people who thought, “I can’t bellydance!”, now think, “Oh yes, I can!” or...

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Paula Ruckenstein is passionate about the practice of yoga and the privilege of teaching and bringing the peace and physical fitness yoga brings to others. She has been practicing yoga for more than 30 years, and teaching since 2001. She received her teacher training through YogaFit, an organization that believes both in the power of yoga and the power of physical fitness to bring about positive change in body, mind, and soul. Please join her...


Prana came to teaching yoga after a long road of eclectic education. After studying everything from Bio/Pre-Med to Philosophy to Fine Art photography, and a long apprenticeship with a Shiatsu master, kismet delivered the opportunity to take a Yoga Teacher Training. Her varied background, along with study of Thai massage and Reiki, ended up being the perfect preparation for leading motley groups of people though varied physical...


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